Bitcoin Scaling Paradigm with Aggregation

Modubit streamlines blockchain deployment, transforming any EVM chain into a scalable and sovereign chain. Embrace simplicity and launch effortlessly, leveraging Ethereum ZK-Rollups for peak performance. Integrate and bridge your projects to L2, all supported by Modubit foundation.

btc as native token

Gas fee paid by BTC

Modubit is dedicated to enriching the Bitcoin ecosystem by adopting BTC as its core currency. This strategy grants developers and users instant access, while providing a secure and stable environment, ultimately elevating functionality and improving the user experience.

Facilitating BTC/WBTC Transfers Across Modubit, Bitcoin, and EVMs

Modubit, serving as a dynamic dApp layer for Bitcoin, enhances both inter-application communication and seamless cross-chain interaction. With this platform, users can effortlessly transfer BTC from the Bitcoin network and WBTC from EVM networks to and from Modubit, thereby unlocking a vast array of DeFi opportunities for Bitcoin Assets



Modubit aims to transform the Bitcoin asset landscape before the next halving, enhancing utility and simplifying integration for a wide array of Bitcoin assets. With specialized Indexer and validator clusters for secure transactions, and its Agglayer facilitating cross-chain interactions, Modubit is set to enhance accessibility and foster a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.


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